Delivery conditions for submitting my neonates

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The following rules are intended to ensure that the buyer receives a neonate that is in the best condition. In addition, the possibilities for the transfer are regulated. The seller receives the certainty that the animal will be taken care of competently after delivery. In addition, the modalities of payment and delivery are regulated.

The written down here helps that at the end of the neonat, the buyer and seller are satisfied with the completion of the purchase and no surprises cloud the joy.

I wish that the rules are read before buying interest.

In this way, misunderstandings can be avoided in advance. If you have any questions, please use the contact form on this homepage to ask them. Please do not use the forum or the comment function.

1. What I expect

The buyer must provide proof of the ability to supply the desired Green Tree Python (Morelia viridis) with the best possible expertise and experience in keeping tropical snakes.

  • A tax to persons under 18 years is not possible.

2. What the buyer receives

The neonate is food safe before sale.

Thus the neonat can be delivered at the earliest after 4 months. An exception is possible if the buyer can prove that he has experience in handling neonates.

The buyer receives a documentation of the care. If you are interested in a neonate, the logbook will be sent via email as a PDF file without request.

Since the neonat is examined only shortly before delivery, a deposit (reservation) is necessary.

Before delivery a faecal examination is carried out - the result must be negative.

Nidovirus shall be tested before delivery. For this purpose, a smear is performed by a specialist veterinarian for reptiles. My specialist veterinarian is Dr. Thomas Bauer. The sample is sent to a testing laboratory. The findings must be negative.

In addition to the smear test, an optical examination of the neonate by the veterinarian is carried out at the same time. This assessment must be positive, which is another condition of a levy.

There is no examination for internal diseases.

3. Pickup and shipment

A personal pickup is my favourite for the well-being of the animals.

A suitable container must be brought along for transport.

A shipment of the neonates is possible (please inquire). The risk of shippment is borne solely by the buyer, so that the agreed purchase price including shipping costs must be paid before shipment.

With the shipping documents the buyer receives the proof of origin in dublicate. One of the proofs is signedand sent back to me. An addressed free envelope is attached.

In exceptional cases I am ready to drive the animal to the buyer, so the agreed sales price (including the agreed contribution to expenses for transport) was paid in advance.

In the case of the delivery at another place (deviating from: Karlstraße 57, D-82377 Penzberg) the buyer is obligated to the acceptance, it is, it can be proven that my data to the neonates are not correct! In such a case, the purchase price will be refunded immediately.

4. Purchase and reservation

The indicated purchase price is not negotiable.

If more than one neonate is purchased, a discount will be granted. The amount to be paid will be confirmed by an offer.

Since the neonates are only examined when a down payment has been made, a reservation must be made.

The amount of the reservation is 20% of the agreed purchase price and will not be refunded in the event of cancellation of the purchase (unless there is an error on the part of the seller).

The amount of the reservation will be refunded immediately if the veterinary examinations are not as expected.

For the reservation together with the buyer a date period binding for both sides is agreed upon. If this is not observed (except for good reason), the reservation expires.

The deposit for the reservation will be retained.

The complete payment is to be made in advance by bank transfer (the account data are transmitted via email by an invoice).

Excluded from this is the transfer of the animal at my home. Here the payment can be made in cash. Cheques, EC-Cards or Master-Cards are not accepted.

5. Miscellaneous

- Live animals are excluded from exchange.

The green tree python (Morelia viridis) is not a commodity, which can be returned with displeasure or thoughtless purchase.

It is not possible to take back the sold animal at a later date.

6. Retention of title

The animal remains in my possession until full payment has been received.

7. Legal information

Species-protected animals that fall under EC Regulation No. 388/97 or the CITES Convention must be reported to the responsible nature conservation authority within 4 weeks.

My animals are registered at the nature protection authority of the district office Weilheim-Schongau.

Each buyer will of course receive a document describing the confirmation of registration with the above authority and serving as proof of registration.

With the sale I am obliged to report this immediately. The registration certificate must be signed by both contracting parties for this purpose.

The registration certificate is archived with me

I would like to point out again that the buyer is also obliged to report the neonate to his responsible nature conservation authority.

Should the buyer require special documents for the notification, these must be sent so that I can complete and return them immediately.

For legal reasons I would also like to point out the following:

EU law stipulates that private individuals must grant a guarantee of 1 year and / or a right to exchange, unless this is expressly excluded.

The guarantee and exchange right is hereby expressly excluded!

8. Special

In exceptional cases, exceptions may be made to the non-legally regulated conditions of levy. This happens exclusively in written form via email.

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Penzberg, 18.11.2018

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